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What's Trending: Chevron Timber Flooring

January 7, 2018

The Chevron Flooring pattern has been around for centuries, being used in all sorts of homes. Despite the traditional design, it works with to match your personal taste, whatever that is. Connected at 45 degree angles, this floorings patterning has proven itself to be of character, elegance and charm. Years on from its origin, the pattern has only grown in design and popularity - now a favourite for many people throughout the globe.



The history of the design is not lost in its character. The traditional grandeur can be felt wherever the flooring is situated, while still being a versatile option that mixes with other furnishings and design concepts.

As with all engineered wooden flooring options, you can choose from different stains and finishes, as well as choosing to lay the design parallel or diagonally to the walls. That means that your individuality and personal taste can blend with the renowned and familiar origin to create a truly unique overall product. The patterning works to bring about a visual effect that will immediately transform any space into one to marvell at. As a whole, the flooring makes the impression of size, making a room feel much larger. This means it works particularly well in small rooms, but still has immense effect in larger ones.


A typically speedy installation process means you can be all set-up in almost no time at all, giving you more freedom to fully enjoy your home. Plus, with the durability and strength that is expected of quality flooring, there is little reason to dismiss chevron flooring as an ultimately stunning addition to your household.

To find out even more about this flooring, get in touch with us. We have a beautiful range of chevron flooring as well as other options on our website for you to try and consider.


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