Why choose a darker wood for your flooring?

When hunting for the most ideal timber flooring for your house, you should definitely consider a darker wood. An often unrealised gem, dark flooring works well in a number of different spaces. It is timeless, beautiful and practical - situating it as one of the best options for your home.

Wood flooring naturally elicits unrivalled natural beauty and in its darker colouring, that is enhanced. Dark floors hold a subtle elegance that extends throughout the entire home. It sets a charming mood - an aura of beauty. Darker wood tends to best work in larger homes with sizeable rooms, although all houses can benefit from the tones of the flooring, which often brings an amount of comfort to a space. The tones present all of this without overpowering your overall home, ensuring a pleasant flow throughout.

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All of this acts to bring out furniture and other finishes to great effect. Almost all colours and styles pair well with the darker wood tones - whether they be metallic finishings in a bathroom or a beige couch in a living room. This is particularly so when you begin browsing the vast amount of varying dark styles. Each with its own individual characteristics, the different tones of wood flooring match finishes with extreme ease to project brilliant design. That means that even if your taste in decorations change, the flooring will remain timeless.

Part of the appeal of darker wood flooring is its practicality. With just a hint of simple maintenance, you will find yourself with flooring that will last you a lifetime. The wood assists in ensuring stains and spills can be easily tidied up, plus a nice finish will prevent dirt, scratches and other imperfections showing up. As well as stains and such, darker coloured woods can conceal the shadows of gaps with ease. This all combines to situate darker wood flooring as one of the most durable, practical and generally clean options out there.

For more information on using a darker wood flooring, have a look through b&o Casa’s offerings. We have an extensive range of flooring, that is certain to fit comfortably into your home.

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