Why chose a lighter wood for your flooring

If you’ve made the decision to use wood flooring, the next step is to consider the finish and colour. The differences in dark and light wood can completely redesign a space, changing the vibe all throughout your home, so it is important to make the choice wisely. Light wood is an effective means of creating flawless design with ease.

The secret is in its ability to provide a subtle, lightweight feel that doesn’t overpower the rest of the house. It builds a beautiful sense of flow that does well to pull together other qualities of the room. This means that you are able to orchestrate a beautiful balance between other tones and characteristics of the space and the floor - with neither drawing too much attention away from the other. Through this, you are able to keep a sense of gorgeous detail and build contrast with other features, without weighing down the the space.

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Light wood flooring is simple, elegant and natural. Without risking being over-excessive, lighter tones produce a stylish sophistication that does well to capitalise on the space’s potential. With its subtle continuity, you are able to easily add a pristine and charming feel to your space. As such, light wood further allows for an increased amount of wooden surface in a room. This increased natural materials can successfully manifest a pleasant and enchanting feel.

They are distinctively practical. Light wood is known as super convenient when it comes to cleaning and keeping clear. They tend to show less dirt, scratches and dents than darker alternatives. This means that you don’t need to be in constant worry of damaging or dirtying your floors and can instead focus on enjoying your beautiful home.

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