Get the Look! Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone Flooring has emerged in the homes of many, situating it as a favourite option for those looking to add some difference to their space. With a long history of use, the popularity of this flooring is testament to its high-quality factors (both aesthetically and practically). There are some key factors that separate this particular flooring type from alternative hardwood floor options. First is the constructed pattern: fixed-length rectangular planks that are carefully orchestrated to create the well-known herringbone effect. Also, the planks have a groove on both ends to aid in the specified installation.

Herringbone flooring continues to rise as a popular feature, providing a constructed elegance that is largely unrivaled by other types of flooring. The pattern is usually familiar and distinctive, which allows a comfortable ambiance to be emitted all around the home. This is an effect that can compliment any home aiming to rejuvenate a space. Whether your personal taste is traditional, contemporary or eccentric, herringbone flooring should definitely be considered as a viable design choice. Of course, there is room to play with the design too - matte/glossy effects, dark/light shades and a whole lot of other choices can be made to ensure your personality is reflected by the flooring.

Further to appearance, the engineered wood used with herringbone flooring offers a solution for moisture problems or even difficulties with levelling. As with other wooden based options, durability and strength is no issue. All of this comes without a high price tag. The purchasing and installation is usually very affordable, so you don’t need to stress over the finances of your home and can concentrate on enjoying its newfound beauty.

If you think that Herringbone Flooring could work for you and you are interested in getting some more information, browse through our options. Our website and showroom are both accessible and you can get some greater insight into what will best fit into your space.

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