Parquet Timber Flooring - Trending Now!

This season calls for change and we have all the inspiration you need to spruce up your space with hard flooring. What’s most exciting is the combination of pattern and finish, drawing out the true charm inherent in hardwood flooring. By understanding the relationship between shape, tone and your overall space, you can truly transform your space with absolute class.

The central point of these trending concepts, is Parquet. Parquet is a geometrically considered placement of wood pieces, used for a decorative effect in flooring. The shapes projected interact with the space in very interesting ways, facilitating people’s interaction with the room with purposeful direction and decoration.

Parquet has a transformational quality that you can harness to bring out the best of all your design. Inspire yourself with already existing and unchanging properties of your space - how do you want people to interact with such? How can you use Parquet to channel movement, encourage homely stillness, or whatever other purposes you desire?

Chevron Parquet flooring Auckland

Take a look at this Chevron Parquet flooring from our Boutique range. Notice how it’s patterning brings out the true depths of it’s tones, to manifest feeling and interaction. It’s dark finish complements the specified design with adaptable grandeur. Depending on the wider spatial context and other accessories chosen, flooring options such as this can work into any space you wish to accentuate.

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