Ten Features of Wood Floors That You Will Love

There are a huge number of reasons to fall for the beauty of wood floors. Here are just 10 features of Wood Floors That You Will Love.

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1. Ease of Maintenance

With just some simple preventive maintenance, like area rugs and floor protectors, as well as adding some proper wood floor cleaner into a cleaning routine, your wood floors will remain in great condition for many years. The ease of maintenance means the flooring will fit into any existing home and associated routine, without too much hassle.

2. Environmentally friendly

Drawn from a natural and sustainable resource, wooden floors (when sourced ethically) are one of the best options for anyone considering environmental effects in their decision making.

3. Healthy

The use of wood floors can greatly contribute to a healthy living environment, through a number of means. Hardwood floors don’t harbor dust mites or molds, creating better air quality for all passing through the space. The flooring also accumulates significantly less artificial substances (such as garden pesticides) than other options.

4. Vast selection

With varying sizes, colouring, styles, hardness and species, wooden flooring comes in many different options. That means there is certain to be a design perfect for you and your home.

5. Affordability

Although it isn’t necessarily the cheapest of all flooring options, when considering the lifespan, unrivalled design and varying health benefits of wood floors, most options are very affordable in the grand scheme of your home’s design.

6. Resistance

The hardness of the wood (which comes at varying extremes), considers the dent resistance of your wood. However, the extent of wood’s resistant effectiveness is mostly shown in response to spillages, which can be quickly cleaned up with ease.

7. Texture

The difference of texture of wood floors is another feature that situates them in their allure and versatility. A tight grain evokes a smoother appearance, whereas a loose grain has a more texture look and/or a more non-slip surface.

8. Stress Relief

This feature relates to the underside of flooring boards, which acts to maintain the flatness of your wooden flooring. Stress relief ensures a long and effective life and is of particularly importance for wider planks.

9. Versatility

We’ve already mentioned the vast differences of design when it comes to wood flooring, but their versatility is also related to there placement and uses. The features of wooden flooring mean they can be used in all sorts of commercial and residential environments.

10. Timeless

The long lasting life of wood floors is due to their strength in maintaining themselves as well as their awe-inspiring aesthetic design. It’s a style that has continued to trend throughout the years and is set to continue to do so.

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