Trending Wood Floor Colours this Year

2017 is the year of wood! Check out the design ideas that are trending this year. Ultra Dark: Chocolate, espresso brown, almost black and other dark tones are here and seem to be sticking around. When paired with white features, you can see your space transform itself with an elegance that is usually difficult to attain. Darker tones can make a room look smaller, so finish off the space with stylish cabinets and features that will manifest homliness for a cozy feel. Another point to note is that dark flooring can tend to show dirt and dust more than other alternatives, but if you’re willing to commit to looking after a charming space, we recommend you go for it! Ultra Light: On the other side of the coin, is ultra light - another hugely popular trend in wooden flooring at the moment. There are few looks more pleasurable than a ray of sunlight beaming across beautiful blonde floorboards. As well as completely brightening a space, it extends it to great effect. So, with its expertise in reinventing and beautifying a space, it’s no wonder so many people are keen to jump on board this trend. Furthermore (as if you needed any more convincing), light colours are great for hiding grime/dust/dirt, so there’s less need for constant cleaning! Grey: This trend seemed to sneak up on us and take everyone by surprise, but now, it’s a favourite of many! One of the best things about Grey, is that it is very palatable in the sense that it never overpowers and rarely clashes with other colours. Good floors in this tone, act to bring out the texture and grain that few others are able to do. We recommend pairing Grey with bright, strong colours like oranges or yellows. We think this is going to be a great year for design and flooring! If you want any information or assistance, get in touch with us today! Office: (09) 361 1103 Mobile: (021) 544 565 Email: Check us out on Social:

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