Why choose wood flooring for your home

We know that wooden flooring is an amazing choice for your home, but maybe you’re still considering. If that’s true, we have compiled a few of our key reasons why you should take the leap! AESTHETIC APPEAL: Wood flooring enhances your interior with an unequalled amount of splendour. The natural tones and warmth work to bring the life out of any space you want to spruce up. SUSTAINABILITY: The choice to use wood floors is ecological and minimises your impact on the environment. The wood comes from a natural and sustainable resource which ensures your home to be eco-friendly as well as beautiful. On top of this, it is also much healthier on you family than other synthetic materials. EASY TO LOOK AFTER: Spillages and mess is much easier to clean up compared to other flooring options and you can be assured of its durability. You will only really have to sweep and vacuum with the occasional wash. If damage does occur, you don’t need to remove all of your flooring - just the part in question! AFFORDABLE: Wood flooring provides an expensive look and feel, but without an expensive price tag! After installation, their resistance and quality also mean there is unlikely to be any high maintenance costs down the line. www.bandocasa.com

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